Cutaway Illustration Process

February 5, 2014

Cold Compression Wrap Cutaway Illustration

I recently worked with Game Ready to create this cutaway illustration of one of their cold compression wraps.

The process began with a conversation about their goals for the illustration, the function of the device, and the features and details to be highlighted. Game Ready sent me a prototype device to photograph for reference as well as some sample materials to cut open.

Reference Photos

Next, I produced a series of sketches to establish the content of the illustration, the viewing angle, and appropriate locations for cut away sections.


Once the sketch was approved I created the line art, a tightened line drawing based on the sketch. The line art is separated into layers, allowing me to later ghost out certain layers of material.

Line Art

Finally, the line art is painted to communicate the colours, materials and finish of the product. Arrows are added to describe the function and operation of the device. For more, visit my technical illustration portfolio.

Many thanks to Winston Albert and Kelly Hansen for this great project.