Motorcycle Seat Cutaway Illustration

March 10, 2016

Heated Motorcycle Seat IllustrationA few months ago, I was approached by Sargent Cycle Products with a problem.

They have a premium product, the World Sport Seat, that is unparalleled in comfort and performance. However, all of its features are invisible to their customers.

The seat frame, custom designed for specific models of motorcycle for optimal fit and function, is hidden from view. Their proprietary foam formulation completely encapsulates a body contour and pressure-absorbing layer as well as their superior heat pad technology. These are enveloped by their impeccably tailored upholstery, held in place by a flexible embedded fastener system that, unlike glue, allows the upholstery to move as the foam compresses, maximizing durability and long-term integrity. All of it hidden.

This made it difficult for Sargent to differentiate their superior product from competitors and imitators.

Seeing is believing.

A cutaway technical illustration is the perfect solution to this problem. It allows you to show how a product is made, how it’s different, how it’s better. It peels away the layers of uncertainty, skepticism and doubt.

Heated Motorcycle Seat Cutaway Illustration

You can try to sell something with the allure of status, the promise of quality or the fear of the unknown. But when you actually have a superior product, you can simply reveal the facts to your customer and make their decision easy.