How To Pack For Any Trip

Lonely Planet’s How To Pack For Any Trip is an illustrated pocket guide to upping your packing game. What kind of traveller are you? Which suitcase will suit your life and complete your look? What to bring and what to fling? Whether you’re spending a weekend in Washington or a month in the Maldives, this book will help you pack like a pro.

Book Cover Illustration History of Luggage Types of TravellersOrganize by Type or ColorTravelling Tips

Bundling Animation  How to Pack a BackpackTetris Packing Method  how-to-pack-animation-family


In addition to the 90+ instructional how-to illustrations and cover illustration for the book, Lonely Planet asked me to create a few looping animations for their social networks. These appeared on their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram feeds.

Client Lonely Planet

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